Vendor Representation

We live in world where there is a highly increasing demand of products and services. Pressure to deliver high quality standards and on margins does not allow companies to expand their business across all markets. But we help to resolve this problem. Ascent was established with the objective to bring together an unmatched network to create a durable base for our clients. So we provide:

  1. An deep insights into the Middle East markets
  2. To create intense campaign for launching new products or services
  3. To conceptualize, identify and find suitable channel partners in Middle East markets
  4. To expand sales through lead generation, product demonstration, follow up, negotiations and closing up the deals

Why Us

What make us stand out from the crowd is our insight knowledge of the Middle East markets and our broad-based panels of experts which presents straightforward solutions. Our talented team consists of young but experienced professionals who have proven their mettle in heterogeneous markets in Asia with an experience IT Infrastructure, Data Networking, Information Security, IT Services & Virtualization.

With a vast experience in above mentioned fields we provide best quality of service to clients. We help develop a platform for those aspirant companies who want to penetrate deep into the Middle East market.