Ascent is a pioneer in providing best in class IT Solutions & Services to help our clients to build up, transform and achieve their goals. As a part of our vision to move “AHEAD TOGETHER” with our clients, we promise to deliver excellence in giving best-in-class IT infrastructure and information security. Our vast experience and deep knowledge of the IT market enable us to make your business goals simpler to achieve and within your budget.

Vendor Representation

To bring to the table an ensemble of next-gen innovative information security solutions, we have associated ourselves with specialized vendors who are the biggest game players in their areas of expertise.


We are aware of an organizations need to protect their digital assets. This age with its plethora of interconnections dictates our preparedness for the unknown. Taking into account this requirement, we have put together a portfolio of “next-gen” information security solutions that proffer not just protection but give a competitive edge to the business and its associated system integrators, partners and customers.


With special knowledge of the niche areas in a business, we provide IT professional services with deliverables that allows you to focus on the core matters of your business.


Our vendors


Avira is taking on Cyber security at an enterprise level by launching the futuristic security technology “AVIRA BUSINESS EDITION”. These solutions consist of bundle products, tailor-made to provide versatile and scalable security for your business protecting your personal work systems plus the entire network, servers and emails.

Boldon James

With over 30 years of experience protecting conglomerates against sensitive data leaks, Boldon James offers best of the breed data classifiers and secure messaging solutions for the public as well as private sector. Boldon James has been working consistently to make organizations stronger by setting precedence for the end users to assess, manage and care for their data.


Based in Newport Beach, California, GTB Technologies solutions meticulously secure an organizations sensitive content.GTB Technologies takes care of the when, where, how and whom for your organization from a security and compliance point of view. GTB's Data Protection Solutions are unique from leading competitors in that they address threats from both trusted and un-trusted users, detecting rogue connections and unauthorized encryption, terminating such connections and providing remediat


Khika’s Security Information Event Management provides a platform for IT compliance and Log management in a highly scalable and cost effective way. It’s Machine Data Analytics enables root cause analysis by generating reports, dashboards and alerts that are correlated with logs of multiple devices in real time. It makes IT audits easier by analyzing logs of events, systems and devices and captured malicious codes and malware attempts on the active directory by unauthorized users.


Information Rights Management solution; SealPath is a user friendly application that protects and controls all the documents on a corporate network, even after sharing it beyond the control of the IT department. It provides data protection with policy management that is very simple and logical. It has features to add users, transferring the document ownership, link expiry dates to documents, remotely destroy documents as well as protect documents even in offline mode.


Classifying information based on its sensitivity may seem like a relatively minor part of IT security - especially when compared to the proliferation of highly-complex network security solutions that focus on blocking internal and external threats.

But with 90% of information loss resulting from the accidental actions of the people inside your network, this simple process can provide


SealPath and Boldon James Partner on Document Security Classification & Protection


Data Classification: The Bank For Your Data

The implementation of data security software within an organisation is never without its trials no matter what size the...The implementation of data security software within an organisati...


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