Khika’s Security Information Event Management provides a platform for IT compliance and Log management in a highly scalable and cost effective way. It’s Machine Data Analytics enables root cause analysis by generating reports, dashboards and alerts that are correlated with logs of multiple devices in real time. It makes IT audits easier by analyzing logs of events, systems and devices and captured malicious codes and malware attempts on the active directory by unauthorized users.

Monitoring Multiple Security tools in a single place with correlation
Khika SIEM enables monitoring multiple security tools and finding a correlation between them in real time as well as historically.

Log Management
Collecting and storing logs from devices is the primary function . These logs areindexed with our proprietary solution to make them easily searchable even at high events per second (EPS). Khika’s NOSQL architecture enables correlating multiple devices together irrespective of the fields present.

Demonstrate Compliance Posture and Server Baseline Policy audit
Monitoring compliance and demonstrating to regulators as and when needed with policies especially on critical systems like active directory.

Trending of Attacks and Security incidents
Most security tools such as antivirus and firewall give a point in time or snapshot view of the situation. Khika SIEM enables finding root cause and abnormal behavior by looking at the trends over time.

Comprehensive Security
Readymade adapters for multiple data sources and ability to write adapters to ensure that logs from present and future devices are consumed and alerts and non compliances are pointed out.

Alerts and Policy fine tuning
Platform for fine tuning of policy and alerts to minimize the false positives and focus on the high priority risks.

In case of any attacks or potential attacks enables the security analyst to identify the root cause to ensure it is not repeated again.

Scalable solution
Solution with scalable architecture to ensure that future needs on log collection and management are taken care of.